Muddy Water A Mississippi Moan
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1

Bb7    Gm        F#7    F7                                                 
Dixie moonlight, Swanee shore
Bb7    Gm        F#7    F7                                                    
Headed homebound just once more
Bb7         Eb7    F7   Bb                                          
To my Mississippi delta home
Bb7       Eb7             F#7    F7                     
Southland has that grand garden spot
Bb7       Gm   F#7        F                                                      
Although you believe or not


Gm            F#7        F7                                                     
I hear those breeze a-whispering:
C7               F7                                                
"Come on back to me"
Bb7          Eb7                             
Muddy water 'round my feet
Bb7         F#7        F7                                        
Muddy water in the street
Bb7              Eb7                                   
Just God don't shelter
C7             F7                                         
Down on the delta
Cm7         G7                                  
Muddy water in my shoes
Cm7                         G7                                                    
Reeling and rocking to them lowdown blues
Gm7          F#7                     F7                  
They live in ease and comfort down there I do declare
Been away a year today
To wander and roam
I don't care it's muddy there
But see it is my home


Bb7                Eb7                                
Got my toes turned Dixie way
Bb7                Eb7                         
'Round the delta let me lay
Bb7            Eb7      F7     Bb7                       
My heart cries out for muddy water